Dale For State House – My Campaign Points

As the District 109 State Representative, my goals continue to align with supporting smaller government, less business regulation, lower taxes, and responsible spending of your tax dollars. Here’s a closer look at what I’ve accomplished during my time in the Georgia House and what my goals are for the future of Georgia.

A Strong Economyjob creation & limited gov’t

-Georgia is yet again the best place to do business for 5 years running.
More Georgians are working today and wages are growing faster than national average.
-We’ve passed legislation cutting state, personal, and corporate income tax. This is the first state income reduction since implemented in 1934
-We are encouraging 21st century manufacturing and agribusiness, film production, high tech, data center and healthcare business expansions.

Educationsecuring a promising future for GA students

-Targeted technical college and university programs in high demand areas.
Georgia now offers 17 technical college programs TUITION-FREE through HOPE grant in fields with a 99% placement rate.
-FULLY-FUNDED student formula statewide in the budget for the first time since formula was implemented 33 years ago.
-Increased education funding per student every year since Great Recession to the highest level in State History ($10 billion out of a state budget of $26 billion).
-Highest graduation level rate ever – over 81%
-The state funded another $2 billion in teacher retirement last year – $360 million more than required to maintain a sound pension plan.

What We’re Working Onprogress for a better GA

-We’re focusing on strengthening background checks and mental health services.
-We’re working towards investing more in school security to ensure our state’s educators and students have a safe environment.

I hope I can count on your vote in the upcoming November election! Help me continue to make great strides for the state of Georgia by voting Dale Rutledge for State House.

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