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2019 Legislative Session – Week 4

In week 4 of the 2019 legislative session, the House passed the Amended Fiscal Year 2019 Budget. Passing a balanced Amended Fiscal Year budget has been one of the top priorities for the General Assembly as it guides our state's spending for the remainder of 2019. A big focus for this amended budget is student well-being with funds allocated for school security grants and mental health services. Below are just a few highlights from the budget. House Bill 30: Passing the ...
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Youth Leadership Henry – State Government Day at the Capitol

Youth Leadership Henry is a program sponsored by the Henry County Chamber of Commerce that identifies and develops emerging leaders and gives them an environment in which they learn and grow. These students meet regularly throughout the year to learn about the needs of Henry County from local leaders, professionals, and teachers in their community. On Tuesday, February 5th, these young leaders visited my colleagues and me at the Capitol building. We had the pleasure of showing students around the Capitol and ...
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Dale Rutledge Session 2019 Week 2 Update

2019 Legislative Session – Week 2

Last week, the House and the Senate met for joint Appropriations Committee hearings on the Amended Fiscal Year 2019 (AFY 2019) and the Fiscal Year 2020 (FY 2020) budget. Here are just a few key appropriations. AFY 2019 Budget Highlights: -$1 million will be allocated to the Department of Community Health to craft state flexibility options for Georgia’s Medicaid Program. -$8.4 million is allocated to expand the APEX program in public schools -$69 million is allocated for school safety measures ...
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Dale Rutledge session blog update

2019 Legislative Session – Week 1

On Monday, January 14th, the General Assembly began this year’s 2019 Legislative Session. Every year, my colleagues and I meet for 40 days to pass bills for the betterment of Georgia. I will update you weekly on what is happening at the Capitol building and what you can expect from your representatives. Governor Kemp’s State of the State Address & Budget Updates The House got the opportunity to hear from Governor Brian Kemp on Thursday, January 17th. Gov. Kemp went ...
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Special 2018 Ga Session

2018 Legislative Session – Special Session Update

On Tuesday, November 13th, Governor Nathan Deal called for a special legislative session to allow for the House and Senate to amend the Fiscal Year 2019 state budget. Our state's agriculture communities in Southwest Georgia took a serious hit during Hurricane Michael. By the end of this 5-day special session, the General Assembly was able to amend the budget which will provide approx. $270 million in emergency funding for our southwest neighbors. Continue reading this blog post for more updates ...
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Dale Rutledge For State House

Dale Rutledge For State House – Vote Early!

There's no need to wait until November 6th to cast your vote in the General Election. Participate in early voting through November 2nd! Early Voting Instructions -Log into you My Voter Page with your name, county, and date of birth. Your voter page contains helpful information including sample ballots, who your elected officials are, and absentee ballot applications. -Once you're logged into your voter page, you'll have access to your early and municipal voting locations. Select "Click Here for Early ...
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