Henry County Phone Scams On The Rise

Henry County Phone Scams On The Rise

In a recent letter to the Henry Herald, Henry County Sheriff Keith McBrayer warned of the heightening dangers of telephone scams. The people conducting these scams will pose as law enforcement officers, court officials, computer software companies, the Internal Revenue Service, or whatever other way they can trick you into handing them over your money. Some of the more familiar cases of telephone fraud involve individuals posing as computer software companies and calling you to let you know that your computer has been hacked. If you receive a call of this nature, do not provide the individual you are speaking with, with any personal information.

McBrayer later went on to say, “If these were legitimate government agencies, they would not be calling you.” Keep this in mind when you are answering numbers that don’t look familiar to you. Don’t hesitate to hang up if the call sounds suspicious.

To protect yourself further, you can always add yourself to the national  “do-not-call” list. This will prevent you from receiving calls from most telemarketing companies. To add yourself to the national registry, visit telemarketing.donotcall.gov.

Please, share this important message with your friends and family so that everyone can be protected against these dishonest individuals.

Source: Henry Herald and Fraud.org