Campaign Kickoff

On Tuesday, May 1, 2012 the Dale Rutledge for the State House of Representatives for District 109 campaign officially kicked off.The campaign event was held at the home of Danny and Patti Brown, hosts were the Browns, Eddie and Allison Ausband, Lindsey and Rita McGarity, and Ray and Mary Lynn Lambert.

The affair was an opportunity for Rutledge to thank everyone for the recent swell in support for his campaign.  “It is clear voters in District 109 are ready for leadership placing the tax payers first,” Rutledge stated.

With conservative principles Rutledge’s campaign is simple: work to reduce the size of government, stop wasteful spending, and work on economic growth to bring career opportunities back to the district. Most of all ethic reform to create trust among the voters again is a priority.

“Success at the capitol is based off of two capabilities, the ability to build relationships and hard work,” said Rutledge.  Rutledge knows hard work, when he began his sanitation company, Rover Inc., in 2001 he worked on the back of the trash truck for eight months to get the company off the ground and at all aspects of the company over the years.

Relay for Life in Henry County

This past Friday, April 27, 2012 I had the privilege to attend the annual Relay for Life event for the American Cancer Society at Ola High School in Henry County.  My family and I participated with the McDonough Presbyterian Church team and had a wonderful time partaking in the walk throughout the night and the different activities provided sponsors and other teams.  This year  Relay for Life in Henry County comprised of 105 teams with over 1,408 participants who raised $289,648. Congratulations to East Lake Elementary team for being the leaders in fundraising, raising approximately $22,937.  Relay for Life is an event which is close to my heart because I lost my father, Lanier Rutledge, twelve years ago this month to cancer.  I enjoyed taking part of Relay for Life and supporting the efforts to cure this horrible disease!

Haven House Hustle 5k

On Saturday, April 14, 2012 my daughter Caroline and I participated in the Haven House Hustle 5k event held in Locust Grove.  The Haven House in Henry County provides shelter for victims of domestic violence along with a plethora of other programs to keep children and women safe who are victims.  I enjoyed running for a great reason today in support of women and children affected by domestic violence.

Conservative Republican Dale Rutledge To Challenge Rep. Steve Davis For District 109

(McDonough)— Republican Dale Rutledge announced Monday that he will run for the Georgia House of Representatives to represent the newly-drawn 109th House District. The district is currently represented by incumbent Steve Davis.

“Georgians want real change and are fed up with legislators who mainly look out for themselves,” said Rutledge.

“When elected as your new Representative, I’ll refuse to do any business deals with the government,” said Rutledge. “Though Steve Davis claimed he opposes Obama’s bailouts, he made $25,000 off of the Obama bailout money with special real estate deals. In fact, Davis is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Obama’s bailout funds in Georgia.”

“And it’s also wrong that Rep. Davis collected thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from lobbyists, deposited those contributions into his campaign fund, and then paid family members thousands of dollars in salaries from it.”

“As your new Representative, I will sponsor legislation making that behavior illegal,” said Rutledge.

“It’s a pattern of self-serving actions. We need a Representative who will put taxpayers first, not himself. Davis has done a great job of representing himself, looking out after his own financial interests first rather than the taxpayers’ interests” said Rutledge.

“After years with virtually no real accomplishments from Steve Davis, our community is demanding change. We are facing worsening traffic congestion while jobs and businesses are leaving. It’s time for a change. And as our community’s new State Representative with successful business experience, I will lead efforts to create new jobs and bring new businesses here again.”

Meet Conservative Republican Dale Rutledge

Dale grew up on a family farm in Henry County, graduated from the County’s public schools and attended Georgia Southwestern University. He has created two successful businesses and raised a family here. He is the former owner of Rover, Inc., a customer-friendly recycling and sanitation firm focused on the people of Henry County. Today he runs Expo-Link Cargo, a firm he started in 1999 specializing in trade show exhibits for the logistics industry. Dale is a long-time member of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce.

Dale and his wife of 26 years, Kathy, have two daughters, Caroline and Morgan. The Rutledge’s belong to McDonough Presbyterian Church where Dale has served as an Elder and Deacon.