2019 Legislative Session – Week 8

Last Wednesday, March 6th, was Crossover Day at the Capitol. Crossover Day is the last day for bills to pass from one chamber to the other and still have a chance to become a law. In this blog post, I’ll share highlights from 4 key bills the House passed during week 8 of the 2019 Legislative session.

House Bill 324 – Georgia’s Hope Act 

HB 324, sponsored by Rep. Micah Gravley (district 67), is known as Georgia’s Hope Act. This bill makes way for the production, manufacturing, and dispensing of low THC oil with a lawful valid license by the Low THC Oil License Oversight Board for sixteen diseases currently allowed under the Georgia Law.

THC Oil Approved illnesses

House Bill 511 – Improving Georgia Transit

HB 511, sponsored by Rep. Kevin Tanner (district 9) creates the Department of Mobility and Innovation to govern and coordinate transit services across Georgia. This bill will establish a fee on ride-share services used for transit and transit projects and will create a pilot program for incentives to employers who provide transit benefits to employees. House Bill 511 abolishes the Georgia Regional Transit Authority and moves current employees to the new department. The State Road and Tollway Authority and the Atlanta-Region Transit Link would be attached to this department.

House Bill 247 – Protecting Georgia’s Elderly Citizens

HB 247, sponsored by Rep. Deborah Silcox (district 52), provides that all forms of battery against persons 65 or older will be considered a felony. This bill changes the definition of exploitation to include the illegal taking of resources belonging to a disabled adult or elderly adult when access those resources were obtained due to a victim’s incapacity. House Bill 247 allows law enforcement to conduct inspections of unlicensed personal care homes when acting as an agent of the Department of Community Health.

House Bill 234 – Helping Victims of Human Trafficking

HB 234 – The Anit-Human Trafficking Protective Response Act, sponsored by Rep. Chuck Efstration (district 104), authorizes the DFCS to provide emergency care of any child who is the victim of human trafficking without a court order or consent of the parents or legal guardian. This bill directs DFCS and law enforcement to take the child to a victim services organization certified by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to provide comprehensive trauma-informed services. HB 234 also limits the prosecution of prostitution to individuals who are 18 years old or older.

Thank you for visiting my blog to learn about what your representatives are working on for the state of Georgia. As the General Assembly works to pass more legislation, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions and concerns. Please return to my blog next week for more updates on this year’s session.

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