2019 Legislative Session – Week 5

Dale Rutledge

In week 5 of this year’s legislative session, the General Assembly passed House Bill 25, House Bill 184, and Senate Bill 25.

Did you know that Video broadcasts of the 2019 session are available to you? Visit the Georgia House of Representatives website for more information about pending legislation, session photos, committee appointments, and several more resources. Keep reading for more details on these measures.

House Bill 25 – Contractual Relief for Service Members  – Committee: Judiciary

House Bill 25, sponsored by Representative Dave Belton (district 112), would build on federal protections given to active duty service members through the Service Members Relief Act by allowing service members to opt out of certain contracts with television and audio programming services, internet access services, and health club services.

The purpose of this is to relieve service members from prior agreements if they are called to serve. In order to qualify, service members must be on active duty or receive orders of deployment to a region where identical services are not offered. For example, if a service member receives orders to Poland, he or she will be able to opt out with Direct TV if it’s services are not offered there.

House Bill 184 – “Streamlining Wireless Facilities and Antennas Act” – Committee: Economic Development and Tourism

House Bill 184, sponsored by Representative Brett Harrell (district 106), serves to provide the necessary framework for the deployment of “small cell” technology throughout Georgia. Small cells are the latest wireless transmitters that will enable the deployment of the next generation of wireless service called 5G.

This improvement will allow telecommunications companies to boost their capacity and service reliability. This is an obvious advancement for improving cell phone service reliability, but it will also enable the deployment of new technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

Senate Bill 25 – Updates on Passing a School Bus – Committee: Public Safety & Homeland Security

Senate Bill 25, sponsored by Representative Ginny Ehrhart (district 36), fixes an error in the code concerning passing a school bus. Under this measure, a driver must stop when a school bus is topped on the opposite side of the highway unless the driver is driving on a divided highway separated by a grass median, unpaved area, or physical barrier.

Thank you for visiting my blog to learn about what your representatives are working on for the state of Georgia. As the General Assembly works to pass more legislation, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions and concerns. Please return to my blog next week for more updates on this year’s session.

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